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Legal and administrative services

Investors and/or those who choose to start/develop a business in the Republic of Croatia, need to be informed about the compliance procedure with active laws of the Republic of Croatia. It is a list of defined steps that comply relevant forms of legal regulations and/or necessary for opening a company; opening an account of a company; the seat of the service and all other administrative and legal requirements.
We also help align our clients with the area of ​​the Universal Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and the protection and registration of all necessary patents, stamps, or recipes that are classified as a business secret or require special protection.

Advice on how to apply and consume the potential of EU funds

We provide a tracking service and periodic reporting on funding opportunities. We define projects and draft project applications for the purpose of applying. We offer pre-feasibility study, tender dossier, evaluation, and financial reports and other documentation.

HBOR / HAMAG-BICRO counseling

We assist you in applying and preparing documentation for the funds provided by these institutions, as a complement to EU funding, but without EU funding.

Hrvoje Ljubičić
Hrvoje Ljubičić


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Analysis of the Market value of a Product/

Analiza tržišne vrijednosti proizvoda i usluga
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We conduct the evaluation of strengths, position of the Brand

Branding proizvoda i usluga
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Financial Consulting and Feasibility Study

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Solar power plants, Water filtration, LED light systems

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