Renewable energy sources – Solar power plants

Solar power plants – what is it?

Solar power plant is a system which is converting the solar energy into Electrical energy.

Basic elements of the Solar plants are:

  • Solar panel collectors: they are collecting Solar energy and converting to a oneway electricity
  • Inverter machine: a machine that is inverting the one-way electricity to two-way and forwarding it into the users in the local system or to the main power Grid.
  • Connecting cables : necessary to connect the panels, inverter and the consumers into the local system.
  • Construction : necessary to install the panels on the roof or any other dedicated position (on grid, off grid).
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Advantages of the Solar power plant

  • Decrease of the electricity costs

  • Produces additional energy to offer to Distributors

  • Produces electricity even when cloudy

  • ROI in 5 to 10 years

  • Warranty on elements up to 12 years

  • Working life up to 25 years

  • Enables a possibility of Energy autonomy

  • Low cost of maintaining

  • Decreases dependance of Distributors

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What is effecting on the Solar power plant cost:

  • Selection of the Solar panel type

  • Selection of the Inverter machine type

  • Autonomy (Yes/No)

  • Fire protection system / Optimisers (Yes/No)

  • Roof type / Off grid

  • Building construction or location specifics

  • Building location / Distance

  • Costs of installing / Time needed, complexity etc.

  • Costs of electronic waste secure disposal of 0,30 eur/kg

Simulation of the ROI based on individual consumption:

Example for an average four-person household – white tariff model

  • Annual electricity consumption 3.500 kWh (3.000 HT, 500 LT)
  • Price of kWh el. Energy HT is 0.15 €
  • Price of kWh el. Energy LT is 0.08 €
  • Annual fix costs: 31,33 €
  • Annual el. Energy cost: 510,08 €
  • Simulated cost of Solar energy plant 3,00 kWp: 6.510 €
  • Annual own production of el. Energy: 3.200 kWh
  • Annual value of produced el. Energy: 448 €
  • Financial subvention (government, structural funding) min.40%: 2.602,92 €
  • Difference to be paid: 3.904,38 €
  • Expected ROI : 8.5 years
  • Expected profit in the next 16,5 years: 7.393,23 €

* Informative calculation! Values can vary to higher and lower. The exact price is influenced by various factors.

ROI in 5 to 10 years