Be the boss to others and be the CEO to yourself. Today we will reveal to you why you should not be the boss to yourself and why you should be the CEO. After reading this, significant business changes will follow.

What is an CEO?

Being an executive director would mean, according to official definitions, being someone who is in a hierarchically highest position in charge of managing the organization. Depending on the corporate structure, the CEO reports to the board of directors and performs other activities that are vital to keeping the company alive.

However, being “your own boss” means that you do most of the “important” work yourself, but also that you often make high-level decisions yourself. In other words, you are in charge everything.

The CEO is not in charge of all the work in the company, and in order to truly be a successful business owner you need to learn the patterns of the CEO and move away from the slogan “my own boss”. If you do not do this, those who have made the same mistake say: “you will burnm out!”.

The CEO doesn’t do all the work!

You can be your own boss, but don’t let the job you don’t have to do overwhelm you and take your focus away from the things that are important for your development, or from the actions that the CEO needs to take in order to expand or simply improve its business.

This does not mean that at the beginning of founding a company, you will not be the only one who will do all the work. And that’s okay, because after all, your job is “your baby.” To get to the top, you have to start from the beginning. However, when the business is on the rise, do not wait for the “right time” to leave the job to certain people who will work for you, because:

There is no right time

Make sure the right time to take the “risk” doesn’t slip between your fingers waiting for it to come. Dare, step out of your comfort zone and take the first step towards change. Hire people and hand them some of the responsibility! There is a high probability that you will find amazing people who do the job efficiently, quickly and responsibly, maybe even better than you can do. At the same time, by hiring people and sharing tasks, you will free up time that you can use to plan work at a higher level or for other things that are important to you. The money you invest in “hired” help will certanly pay off.

Have realistic expectations

Many bosses enter the “field” with the intention of „changing the game and scoring a goal“. However, every change is accompanied by stress, new ideas for achieving goals, increased workload and responsibility. If you want to be a successful executive announcer, you will not put all these things only on yourself, but also on people who are not up to the task. You should set realistic expectations that will not frustrate either you or the people you entrust tasks to.

Clear communication

A team that stands in dark is a team that can turn against you. When employees feel neglected or out of control, they are prone to stress. Stress leads to a lack of productivity, worries about job security, and even sabotage if employees feel so anxious that they blame the company. As a CEO, you need to provide a clear way to communicate changes, ideas, and company news that everyone can access. In addition, make sure your team has a way to communicate with you.

Focus on the future

If you are thinking of developing your own business you need to look ahead. You need to think a few steps, weeks, months, years ahead. Your plans will certainly change along the way, but it is important to have a vision.