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Why Operando?

Why you should choose Operando as your partner?! “Operando (lat.) = Operative / Workable = Work / Work (en) is an adjective or a verb indicating a particular operation ...

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How to do the Market analysis for a Business plan

Qualitative Market analysis is a key part of any comprehensive Business plan. Market analysis shows your expertise on a specific market, as well as the possible financial attractiveness of ...

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What is outsourcing? So, you wonder what is outsourcing? It is a word that we have often encountered in the media in recent years, but it is still a ...

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Cost management

Cost management is a special segment of business and enterprise management whose focus is entirely on cost optimization, in order to maintain business competitiveness. It is a process of ...

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How to become a “Purple Cow” on the market

Globalization has imposed new rules of the game in the business world, for entering markets, but, more importantly, for circulating on the same. Therefore, the key thing is to stand ...

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The Circles of Marketing

We live in a time where all leading and successful companies have a well-developed marketing through which they present the company’s activities to the public in a way that they ...

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The difference between a leader and a manager

Surely you have once met a person who introduces himself as a manager of a particular business sector, however their relationship with employees and his skills do not suit one ...

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