Choosing the Company Name

When the form of a company (d.o.o., j.d.o.o. or craft), given the shape most suited to its characteristics, is selected, the future company must be given a name.

Choosing a company name is a very important step in starting a business because it has the ability to determine the future and fortune of the whole brand. Determining the company name is often linked to people and things that are considered an important part of life (their own initials, names of children / parents, family name, etc.) When making a choice, it is very important to think carefully and follow some basic guidelines.

When choosing a company/brand name, it is desirable that it:

  • associates with what the company intends to do,
  • is short and easily memorable,
  • preferably without diacritics and special characters.

It’s necessary to take under consideration that the web domain of the site will be closely linked to the business name, as well as the e-mail addresses that will be used for the company and its employees. Too long names in the URL damage SEO optimization, also diacritics and special characters are not used in web domains, URLs, and e-mail addresses.

In addition, one should also think that the company (although this may not be planned at the moment), will one day become active and beyond the borders of its country of origin – on the European or perhaps even the world market.

Internet search today is closely related to keywords regardless of the type of search engine, and this is another reason why it would be useful to associate a company/brand name with an activity. Of course, the name can also be an acronym or even a fictional word. It is very important that the selected word (or more) are “strong”.

Choosing a company name is a starting point and an important part of the Marketing Plan, which should definitely be written before starting the business (separately or as part of the Business Plan). This is something that is likely to go along with a company throughout its business.

Also, when choosing a company name, it is necessary to take into account that there is no already registered company with the same name.

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