Analysis of the Market value of a Product/Service

We offer reports on the competitive advantage of products/services for which there is an idea or need to Market to local Markets, as well as operational execution and monitoring of results. We organize our work based on the need to create a small scaled or more extensive Market research, with the respect of professional guidelines and best practice.

Local Representative Evaluation

It is possible to conduct an evaluation of an existing Distributor or Trade Representative on the Market (according to parameters that include business reputation, Financial stability, portfolios and brands, activities on domestic and regional markets …)

Branding Products or Services

We conduct the evaluation of strengths and position of the Brand if the Band is already present on the market directly or through existing intermediaries. We offer the Service of locally customized brand development through the mutual definition and implementation of the Branding strategy for positioning on the local Markets.

Financial Consulting and Feasibility Study Development

Offering services in Business Development and Feasibility Studies, for you to summarise all the elements necessary for initial reflection on investment in a particular industry or desired Geographical region. This service can include Mystery Shopping, SWOT analysis, and an overview of relevant trends in the country and region.

Business plan

We also offer the creation of necessary Business Plans, according to your wishes and needs.

Outsourcing Services

Following the Client needs, we can offer customer orientation Briefing, Matchmaking with local stakeholders and desired Partners, organizing Field sales activities. Additionally possible to offer contact with local suppliers, potential business Partners and the establishment of relations with Local Authorities.

Interim management / Temporary management

A temporary organization and running the business until it reaches a more mature stage or a client desires to continue by itself.

BTL marketing

Services that we offer are sales promotion, Events, Sampling, IN store promotion activities, Targeted IN store and other Advertising, POS production, etc.

Other services

Legal and administrative services

Investors and/or those who choose to start/develop a business in the Republic of Croatia, need to be informed about the compliance procedure with active laws of the Republic of Croatia. It is a list of defined steps that comply relevant forms of legal regulations and/or necessary for opening a company; opening an account of a company; the seat of the service and all other administrative and legal requirements.

We also help align our clients with the area of ​​the Universal Personal Data Protection (GDPR) and the protection and registration of all necessary patents, stamps, or recipes that are classified as a business secret or require special protection.


Advice on how to apply and consume the potential of EU funds

We provide a tracking service and periodic reporting on funding opportunities. We define projects and draft project applications for the purpose of applying. We offer pre-feasibility study, tender dossier, evaluation, and financial reports and other documentation.

HBOR / HAMAG-BICRO counseling

We assist you in applying and preparing documentation for the funds provided by these institutions, as a complement to EU funding, but without EU funding.

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